Join Advantage


Brand Support

Enjoy the right to use the authorized area of CHAMBROAD TIMBER related product marketing system, operate CHAMBROAD TIMBER outdoor products, develop their own sales channels in the authorized area, and use the CHAMBROAD TIMBER brand for store display images; The company provides unified and standardized product brochures, investment brochures, tote bags, X display racks, small samples, swatches, KT boards, hang flags, paper cups, clothing, leaflets, posters, sample display racks, etc.;


Store Support

The company provides store location planning, store design, product planning, public relations promotion, consulting services, opening activity support, and opening spree support;


Technical Support

You can enjoy a one-week headquarters training every year. The training content includes but is not limited to: Jingbo corporate culture, etiquette, operation, etc. During the training, the company provides accommodation subsidies; the company conducts various online and offline operations for end point stores in an all-round way. Training, providing professional training such as product knowledge, marketing knowledge, end point shopping guide skills, store management guidance, technical installation guidance, and after-sales services;


Operational Support

The company provides dealers/agents with long-term marketing plans, provides differentiated marketing plans according to different regions and situations, and assists dealers/agents to carry out publicity and implementation step by step according to the formulated plan;

Join conditions

We are looking for partners who are passionate about CHAMBROAD TIMBER products~ Join us and work together to create the future. We hope you can:
1. Recognize the corporate culture and business philosophy of Jingbo Group, and recognize the CHAMBROAD TIMBER brand
2. Legal compliance, honest management, adhere to the concept of altruism
3. Possess certain financial strength, have management capabilities, and have the concept of brand promotion
4. Have a correct understanding and sufficient psychological preparation for the risks and benefits of investing in CHAMBROAD TIMBER

Join Process

Preliminary negotiation


Submit an application of intent


Join qualification review


Market research


Cooperative appraisal


Visit to Jingbo Group Headquarters


Pay the cooperation intention fee


Store confirmation, design


Store acceptance and opening