Latticed Door

The latticed door is one of the decorative components in traditional Chinese architecture, which can be found in both ordinary residences and royal palaces.

Latticed window

Latticed window, a type of outer window in ancient Chinese architecture, has a shape similar to the upper half of lattice doors, with a wind sill underneath to facilitate horizontal opening.

Side Door

It is commonly used in temples, mansions, residential houses, ancient government office buildings, and as entrance gates for gardens.

Solid Wooden Door

The solid wooden door is made by assembling thick wooden panels and is the largest and most robust among all types of panel doors.

Sadai Door

It is commonly used in temples, residential buildings, and ancient government offices.

Support-detachable Window

Support-detachable windows are a type of window that can be supported and removed. Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, they have been commonly used in ordinary residences and also seen in some secondary palace buildings.

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