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Zhonghai Hotel
Jingbo Wood-based Material
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Zhonghai Hotel


Wooden decoration can be used for individual residences, as well as

for high-end clubs, hotels, resorts, villas, clubs, etc. Exquisite windows,

doors and wood finishes further enhance the upscale environment.



Scrimber wood’s saving energy and contributing to green building materials


High-performance biomass fuels promote rational use of resources

Green doors and windows save energy and reduce consumption to promote the upgrading of traditional industries



The hardware, glass and accessories of the door factory determine the life

of the doors and windows. The hardware and glass of our energy-saving

solid wood window are selected from the world's leading brands, which

can effectively resist the harmful effects of various harsh environments.

We use different hardware accessories according to different opening

methods, and the effect is excellent. It's more open and comfortable than

ever before, giving you a more relaxed and enjoyable life.

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