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The Fourth Middle School of Boxing County
Jingbo Wood-based Material
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The Fourth Middle School of Boxing County


The sounds of the wind, of the rain, and of reading aloud all come to

my ears; the affairs of the family, of the state and of the world are all

my concerns. Taking the opportunity of cooperation in running schools,

Boxing County No. 4 Middle School introduced our educational

philosophy and actively explored new modes of school development to

achieve leap-forward development of schools.

Scrimber wood’s saving energy and contributing to green building materials


High-performance biomass fuels promote rational use of resources

Green doors and windows save energy and reduce consumption to promote the upgrading of traditional industries


Combined with the cultural atmosphere and environmental characteristics

of the school, we designed indoor and outdoor wood products that meet

the campus atmosphere. The combination of traditional culture and

healthy and environmentally friendly products not only provide children

with the benefit of knowledge, but also provide a guarantee for their


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