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IV78 solid wood system

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Product Features:

IV78 solid wood system


IV78 solid wood system - making families more reassured and relieved

Solid wood windows and modified scrimber - having been long developed as a model of perfect combination of nature and technology, modified

scrimber as a selection of the best material makes such a combination possible. And the decay and flame resistance of solid wood windows is

improved, making the families more reassured and relieved. IV78 solid wood system makes the window firmer and the insulation effect better.

• Multi-silver LOW-E insulating glass imported Germany Hardware Kit Germany ETON environmental-protection water-based paint

• Uf = profile thermal conductivity: 0.148w/(㎡• k) Ug = glass thermal conductivity: 2.0w/(㎡• k) Uw = window thermal conductivity: 1.8w/(㎡• k)

• Thermal resistance: hollow parting strip preventing the formation of condensate water

• Sound insulation: three sealing layers, to achieve the desired sound insulation effect

• Thermal insulation: 78mm overall thickness, to provide a better insulation effect

Returning to nature but superior to nature

The modified scrimber is made from the finest natural wood through high-tech treatment, without damaging the natural texture of the wood itself,

so as to ensure the overall stability and strength, furthermore, the decay and flame resistance is improved.

Identical in inside and outside, the best choice for indoor

The overall thickness of IV78 series solid wood doors and widows is up to 78mm, and the 34mm to 38mm thick glass can be configured, including

electric window openers, insulating laminated safety glass, bullet-proof glass, manual insulating glass, built-in louvers and other configurations, to

meet different demands of customers.

Because of the wood in the interior and the exterior, it is easy to match with other furniture, and the effect in the interior is more obvious than that

of common interior doors and windows.

Multi-point Locking, Safer

IV78 series doors and windows are equipped with the European standard U-shaped notch, supported with Austria MACO, SIEGENIA and other well-

known brand hardware, to make your doors and windows more comfortable and safer.

Keep the good memories and recall the classic

IV78 series solid wood doors and windows can be configured with trim strips inside insulating glass or wood trim strips outside insulating glass, to

make the interior decoration effect better.


Opening Mode:

IV78 series solid wood doors and windows are German-type doors and windows, and the opening mode is mainly inward opening, partially

equipped with a sliding mode.

Specific Opening Mode:

Windows: inward casement window, inward-opening tilt-turn window, tilt-turn window, tilt-turn sliding window, electric-opening window.

Doors: inward side hung door, inward tilt-turn sliding door, lift-up sliding door, folding door.

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