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Bucket arch, a wood structure.
Jingbo Wood-based Material
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Bucket arch, a wood structure.


It is located between the column and the beam. The load transmitted from

the roof and the upper structure is transmitted to the column through the

bucket arch and then from the column to the foundation. Therefore, it plays

the role of connecting the upper and lower and transmitting the load.


The combination of mortise and tenon is the key to earthquake

resistance. This structure is very similar to the modern beam-column

frame structure. The nodes of the frame are not just connected, which

ensures the stiffness coordination of the building. In the event of a strong

earthquake, the spatial structure combined with mortise and tenon will be

“loose” but not “scattered”. It can consume the energy from the

earthquake, greatly reducing the seismic load of the entire house and

resisting the earthquake.


Scrimber wood’s saving energy and contributing to green building materials


High-performance biomass fuels promote rational use of resources

Green doors and windows save energy and reduce consumption to promote the upgrading of traditional industries


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