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The National Geological Museum of the ALU Ancient Cave of Luxi, Yunnan
Jingbo Wood-based Material
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The National Geological Museum of the ALU Ancient Cave of Luxi, Yunnan


Material supply unit

Main material: Chambroad modified recombinant wood

It is almost the only best choice to decorate a geological museum with wood.

Our design and manufacturing people know that the "Woodstone League"

written by Mr. Xue Qin is not an accident. The illusion of "Golden Jade"

comes from the artificially smelted metal. It is solid and steady, but with the

natural magical powers, it seems to be artificial. The wood itself is a living

mineral, or it can be said to be the predecessor of minerals. Only by

juxtaposing wooden shelves and stands with natural ores can they

complement each other.

It is well matched with wooden decoration. However, if there is a single

mineral exhibition, it lacks a cultural atmosphere. The folk crafts exhibited

in the side rooms also reveal a simple folk style and a rich cultural

atmosphere. It echoes the natural minerals on the opposite side. This is

exactly the same as the article "The Analects of Confucius• Yong Ye":

"Natural substance and ornamentation duly blended make a superior



Scrimber wood’s saving energy and contributing to green building materials


High-performance biomass fuels promote rational use of resources

Green doors and windows save energy and reduce consumption to promote the upgrading of traditional industries


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