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Industrial Trade Center of the Yellow River Delta
Jingbo Wood-based Material
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Industrial Trade Center of the Yellow River Delta


Nowadays, customers have too many choices, so the first impression of the

product is very important. Selling feelings must first ensure the quality of the

goods, and then start with visual elements to win in visual design.

The total investment of the project and supporting facilities is 260 million

yuan, positioning the mid-to-high-end brand market. The trading center

consists of three functional sections: the offline showroom experience hall,

the intelligent warehouse and the online e-commerce platform.

As a large-scale high-end industrial product trading center, hardware

facilities must be guaranteed.


Overall layout and design concept


As the image of the trading center, the modified scrimber wooden wall

panels also bring a stronger visual impact. Its excellent performance

ensures its heat and cold resistance.

Wooden doors and windows bring a modern and comfortable life. In

addition, it will bring a natural and fresh fashion to the space, helping

to create a warm, comfortable and healthy environment.

In addition, the unique affinity of the modified scrimber wood will make

people shine. Its unique texture and color also reveals elegance and

elegance, revealing different feelings.


Scrimber wood’s saving energy and contributing to green building materials


High-performance biomass fuels promote rational use of resources

Green doors and windows save energy and reduce consumption to promote the upgrading of traditional industries


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