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Gentleman's wood

Jingbo Junzi Wood is made by Shandong Bomuji Material Co., Ltd. through high-tech biological modification of logs. After biological modification, Jingbo Junzi wood greatly overcomes the shortcomings of wood swelling and shrinkage, so as to achieve 50 years of no replacement, 1000 degrees high temperature without deformation, termite prevention level 9, with the characteristics of "three back to one, sinking fish falling geese, wood than gold, fire inviolation, warm and elegant" and so on. At present, Jingbo Junzi Wood has two main products that subvert the industry: pure wood system windows and pure wood outdoor flooring, while Jingbo Junzi Wood also has great advantages in ancient buildings and wooden structure buildings.

The products have passed the German PHI certification, Canadian CSA certification, EU CE certification, Australian S mark certification, and obtained overseas export qualifications.

Chinese name: Kyohiro Junzimu

Industry: doors and windows, outdoor flooring, ancient gardens and other building decoration industries

Founded: April 2014, 4

Company: Shandong Bomuji Materials Co., Ltd


Junzimu core technology

The first biomass modification technology deep into the cell in China

Did you know that wood is alive, and the exchange of water between its internal fibrous cells and the outside world is the main reason for wood to swell, shrink, deform and crack. The country's first biomass modification technology deep into the cell, subverting the drawbacks of the traditional anti-corrosion process of only surface coating, fundamentally solving the problems of deformation, warping, cracking and rotting of outdoor floors caused by wet tension and shrinkage, and the service life is more than 10 times longer than other outdoor materials.

One of the core technologies is the top-secret modifier ingredient: Shandong Bomuji Material Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Shandong Bomuji Holding Group Co., Ltd., with strong research and development capabilities.

The second core technology is the modification process: through precise control of temperature, humidity and process, the moisture inside the cell is replaced with a modifier while maintaining the moisture in the cell wall, thereby strengthening the wood at the cellular level.


Products & Services

Jingbo Junzi product system

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Product advantages

Kyobo Kimikogi - Kikata Ryo

1. Take three back to one. High-tech technology is used to condense 3m³ logs into 1m³ gentleman's wood.

2. Sunken fish and falling geese. Good wood can sink water, and the density of gentleman's wood reaches more than 1.2g/cm³.

3. Inviolable to fire. 1000 degrees high temperature does not deform, gentleman wood has flame retardant treatment from the inside out, flame retardant wood penetrates deep into the cell texture, reaching the highest level of fire protection BI of mailing materials.

4. Mubi Jinjian. Through biomass modification technology, it is strengthened from the cell structure level to make it as strong as King Kong, reaching and surpassing the strength of many metal structural materials, and can create architectural classics that "wood is stronger than gold".

5. Gentle and elegant. The touch is warm and moist, the material properties are stable, and through deep modification technology, it greatly overcomes the problems of traditional wood expansion and deformation, water loss and warping, long-term cracking, easy to moth, easy to corrode, so that the wood biochemical into "all-round" good wood.

6. If you don't move. The material of the gentleman, after the wind and rain and the baptism of time, the gentleman's wood naturally does not move, and the material and the building have the same life; No matter what application scenario Junzi wood is used in, it changes different product forms, and the product texture stability is always the same, and it has not been replaced for 50 years.

Kyobo Junzi Wood - Outdoor flooring

Kyobo Junzi Wood - Pure wood system window


Product culture

Product vision: vow and architecture with life

Customer group positioning: gentleman, use gentleman wood

Product positioning: from solid wood, better than solid wood