Kyobo Mogi | Keeping Lives Safe

May 5 is the 12th National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day in China. The theme of this year's event is "Reducing Disaster Risks and Protecting a Better Home", which was established with the approval of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, and since 14, May 2009 has been designated as National Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day. On the one hand, it conforms to the demands of all sectors of society for China's concern for disaster prevention and reduction, and on the other hand, it reminds the people not to forget the past, pay more attention to disaster prevention and reduction, and strive to reduce disaster losses.

At present, fire incidents emerge endlessly, the reason, in addition to the lack of safety common sense, improper use of electrical appliances, lightning strikes and other natural disasters, we can also consider the fire performance and safety performance of the material when we buy panels, doors and windows, floors should be practical, environmental protection needs to consider its safety, such as some wood in the burning is easy to produce a large number of smoke or toxic gases, and by choosing high-quality wood, you can minimize the load during fire.

Kyoho Muki grinds one wood in seven years! Junzi wood with seven years of research and development, application, upgrade, it comes from solid wood but better than solid wood, each of its cells has the effect of fire, reaching the highest grade of organic material fire B1, even at 1000 °C high temperature can remain unchanged, its low molecular weight resin can penetrate deep into the cell mechanism, Junzi wood door and window material thermal conductivity as low as 0.12W / (m • k), thousands of times better than aluminum alloy materials. And we strengthen it from the cell structure level through biomass modification and physical recombination technology, making it as strong as King Kong, reaching and surpassing the strength of many metal structural materials, and can create "wood than gold" architectural classics.

The decoration selection of materials is selected gentleman's wood, high-end quality in solid wood, Rolls-Royce in high-end wood, and Jimbo wood base for you to guard the safety line of life.