Jingbo Muji | Harmonious Coexistence of Man and Nature - Wooden Assembly Building

Earth Day is celebrated on April 4 every year and is a holiday dedicated to the protection of the world's environment. It aims to raise awareness of existing environmental issues and mobilize people to participate in environmental protection campaigns, thereby improving the overall ecological environment of the earth. In the face of the deteriorating global ecological environment, everyone has the obligation to take action to protect the home on which we live.

April 2022, 4 is the 22rd Earth Day, with the theme "Cherish the Earth, Harmony between Man and Nature". It can be seen that the promotion of the green ecological development of the construction industry has become the consensus of the whole society, on the one hand, the state is advocating "green" prefabricated buildings, on the other hand, it is also promoting the application of other environmentally friendly materials in construction, and there is no doubt that wood materials are a good prefabricated building material.

Wood is not only nature's gift to us, but also our sustenance for green environmental protection. Through wood, we put our pursuit of quality and perseverance in comfort in life. For thousands of years, Chinese people and wood have been inseparable, and wooden buildings, wooden furniture, and wood products have long formed a unique culture and integrated into the blood of Chinese people.

The popular prefabricated wood structure building is quietly changing the original production method, which will prefabricate the wood structure components in the factory and assemble it into a wooden structure building on site. Its main characteristics are: a large number of on-site construction transferred to factory design, the whole process of production adopts computer-aided technology, so that the quality control of components and houses is moved from the construction site to the factory without being affected by the natural environment such as bad weather, the construction period is more controllable, the construction and assembly are mechanized, and the labor production efficiency is high. Reduces noise, water pollution, etc., and also meets the requirements of green buildings.