Alarm bells are ringing! Choose Kyobo Miki - Jitai Chestnut Wood to prevent danger from "burning"!

Spring is a season of frequent fires, recent fires have occurred frequently, the situation is very serious, for the fire prevention issue, we must pay great attention.

On February 2021, 2, a fire broke out in the Wengding Primitive Tribal Cultural Tourism Zone in Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County, Lincang City, a famous historical and cultural village in China, a provincial-level cultural relic protection unit, and a national 14A-level scenic spot, destroying 4 houses in Laozhai and causing direct property losses of 104.813 million yuan.

On the night of March 2021, 3, the ancient temple of Neizang Temple, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea, was set on fire, although firefighters struggled to rescue it. However, the wooden building Daeunghoden was completely burned, and the property damage of the burned wooden building Daeunghoden was as high as 5.17 billion won (about 979.<> million yuan).

On April 2021, 4, a fire broke out in a temple in Gurao Case Village, Chaoyang District, Shantou, Guangdong, according to the People's Government of Gurao Town, after verification, a fire occurred in an idle wooden structure building in the village before the case in Gurao Town, with an area of about 22 square meters and no casualties.

On March 2022, 3, Ruiyan Temple in Paitou Village, Wutun Township, Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, caught fire, and the smoke billowed at the scene, and the entire temple building was almost burned down!

On March 2022, 3, a fire broke out at the Dasheng Palace Temple near Lingxi Town Park in Cangnan Town, Wenzhou, and it can be seen from the video taken at the scene that the scene is thick smoke billowing and the entire temple is shrouded in firelight.

On April 4, the Fire Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management released that a total of 4,2022 fires were reported nationwide in the first quarter of 21, with rural fires accounting for a relatively large proportion, followed by urban areas, ancient temples and other fires, resulting in shocking losses of treasures! Despite the strong publicity of fire prevention by the relevant departments, the incidence of fires is still unpreventable.

There are many factors for the cause of fire, such as aging lines, littering cigarette butts, burning incense sacrifices to cause combustibles, etc., although the factors that cause fire may not be avoided, but if the decorative materials have a certain flame retardancy, can effectively control the spread of fire, so as to have enough time to extinguish the fire or escape, and then avoid life and property threatened, especially for residential or ancient buildings, the use of fireproof decorative materials is particularly important.

It is for this reason that more and more ancient building restoration or home decoration will take the fire resistance of decorative materials as an important consideration. At present, the extremely Thai chestnut wood products produced by Jingbo Muji, whether it is density, static flexural strength, hardness, or anti-corrosion and water resistance grade, exceed the performance of logs, and its flame retardancy reaches B1 level, which meets the fire protection standards of the national building decoration industry; The thermal conductivity is 0.12W/(m.k), which is safer in construction and decoration. The extremely low water absorption expansion rate ensures dimensional stability and no deformation; The high internal bonding force strength ensures no cracking. And successfully passed North American and Australian product certification, obtained the qualification of international market access.

The heat on the surface of the extremely Thai chestnut wood produced by Jingbo Muji is difficult to transmit, and the fire is not easy to spread, which can effectively prevent the spread of the fire, and let everyone have enough time to escape or extinguish the fire when a fire occurs. Therefore, the selection of materials with certain flame retardancy during the decoration process can avoid danger and loss to the greatest extent.

Jingbo Muji is committed to the development of green circular economy, through advanced biological modification and high-efficiency molding technology, the production of high durability wood products of Jitai chestnut wood series with high strength, anti-corrosion and ant-proof, flame retardant, strong weather resistance, environmental protection and dimensional stability as the core of wood. Adhering to the mission of "doing the field where ordinary wood cannot be done" and the responsibility of "providing the best wood product solutions for ancient construction and other fields", the company is honest and altruistic, and is committed to becoming a global wood value maximization enterprise.