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Jingbo Wood-based Material Co., Ltd. participated in the Seventh Conference of China Wood Protection Industry Association (CWPIA

Jingbo Wood-based Material Co., Ltd. participated in the Seventh Conference of China Wood Protection Industry Association (CWPIA

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2018/07/28 09:56
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Wood-based materials at the Seventh Conference of Chinese wood protection industry

Wood-based materials at the Seventh Conference of Chinese wood protection industry

Wood Protection Industry Association, the Chinese organized by the Seventh Conference and China's timber plantation wood protection industry development of new technologies to optimize Forum held in Changsha, Hunan, wood-based materials Limited invited to attend. Conference on "Functional Materials and Green Industry" theme to explore, general manager of wood-based materials Lee was invited to speak at the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by the Secretary-General of China Association for the Protection of Industrial Timber Wenjie party. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Northeast Forestry University professor Li Jian, China Industry and Information Technology Department of Raw Material Industry Gao Ping Director, Director of wood conservation development center Liu Neng Wen, deputy director and senior engineer Yu Nai autumn and other wood maintenance of industrial areas was attended by experts meeting. Meeting around the theme is divided into three parts to explore, namely "Industrial Orientation: Chinese Wood new materials industry,"; "market development: difficulties and countermeasures"; "Prospects: win the future with innovation."

Lee, general manager of wood-based materials combine wood-based current situation around the "market development: Difficulties and Countermeasures" speech:

The primary task of business development talent team building

Technicians and other senior executives within the industry in general education is not high now, then it is likely because of salary issues quit, Central South University of Forestry and Technology gave before mentioned a proposal to establish an application-oriented talents team building program, the part time in school theory, part of the time at the factory in-depth practice, until this part of the students graduate, to the factory, you can directly post operation. This will ensure the professional talent, but also to avoid employee turnover.

Good local market for enterprise alliance to expand into overseas markets

Japan's Yuexiu wood and juniper wood can now be sold eleven thousand cubic meters, its density and poplar, pine is the same. Existing problem is modified so do corporate reorganization wooden why not be able to sell abroad, why not a broader market. In fact, they have one thing in common, and that is very difficult to guide Chinese consumers to the idea, and now there are associations that family, then you can use this resource to create conditions for the development of the market, as a unit to go abroad to promote, is bound to fall into the same competition between the industry, so we can make industry alliances, believe that there will be great benefits.

Site of the governing units General Lee's speech, he agrees, and expressed the hope to have the opportunity to visit and study Jingbo. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Northeast Forestry University, Professor Li Jian invite Lee to Northeast Forestry University to do further academic study. After the nomination of Chinese Wood Protection Industry Association and appointed by the Council consider Shandong Jingbo wood-based materials Co., Ltd. for the governing units and certificates.