Overcoming Difficulties and Creating Quality with Craftsmanship | The Story of Kyobo Muki People's Fight Against the Epidemic

In March, the new crown epidemic was menacing, and the entire Boxing was pressed the pause button. In the most difficult moment of the epidemic, Jingbo Muji people went against the current and rushed to the front line of production, and on the basis of doing a good job in daily epidemic prevention and protection requirements, they practiced the enterprise spirit of Jingbo people of "enduring hardship, dedication, saving and bright sword" with actions, and composed an "ingenuity" anti-epidemic battle song that changed the concept of quality and improved quality.

Under the organization and arrangement of General Manager Cai Yufeng, Cao Zeming, Liu Hongtao, Wang Bowen and other leaders immediately formed the Jingbo Muji Anti-epidemic Leading Group, aiming at the implementation of employee epidemic prevention and protection, production order and clothing, food, housing, transportation and other issues, and at the same time overall scheduling of existing projects, focusing on the sample proofing project of the new product system to clearly promote the node, and tackle tough implementation. On the afternoon of March 3, nearly 20 key personnel who received the notice were neatly in place, and none of them were left behind.

They take the factory as their home, work together in the same boat, all the staff twist into a rope, overcome the difficulties together, especially Wang Yongjun, Yang Junlin, Zhang Feng, Zhang Yude, Liu Guibing, Liu Lianjun and other masters, they lead the young team to practice internal strength, for the transformation of high-quality proofing technical indicators, and teach their own years of accumulated technology, digging deep for technical details, excellence.

Jingbo people went up and down to play chess, advanced with enterprises and overcome difficulties together, and more people rushed to the front line, quickly forming a strong joint force to fight the epidemic, and interpreting the strength and responsibility of Jingbo people with actions. In the face of the epidemic, the retrograde people of Jingbo Muji used their mortal bodies to improve themselves day and night, and took up a heavy burden.

The craftsmanship passed down for thousands of years, carpentry work is a strict seam, and it shines in the hands of our generation of craftsmen in the Kimbo Muji. With the continuous iterative upgrading of technology, many fine operations have been transformed from manual to precision mechanical operations, which also poses some new challenges for teachers. In response to this situation, Cao Zeming combined with the situation of the workshop, proposed the technique of tackling tough problems during the day, and used the evening time to exchange craftsmanship together, young people have a strong ability to control mechanical data, and they can share and learn the practical operation of the machine; The teachers are very good at their craftsmanship, so everyone can advise on how to optimize the traditional craftsmanship.

During the day, the old leads the new quantitative production, and at night they learn from each other and improve together. Seek knowledge like hunger, be humble like foolishness, be kind to oneself, and do not go against the heart. The workshop not only created a strong learning atmosphere, but also put out the problems of new process proofing, came up with ideas, thought of ways together, helped each other, discussed, verified and solved difficult problems one by one, and interpreted dedication and bright swords with actions along the way.

In this fight against the epidemic, the young people of Gemoki left a deep impression on the team with their positive actions. In the face of the sudden epidemic, they faded their youth and immaturity, shouldered responsibilities, devoted themselves to front-line work without hesitation, and constantly applied new thinking and new innovative consciousness to practical work, and interpreted the responsibilities and responsibilities of young people in the new era with practical actions.

The older generation of masters also played the lead in setting an example, infecting the apprentices with their exquisite skills and optimistic spirit, the inheritance of each other, the strong atmosphere of innovation, so that the family members of the product processing center really enjoy the sense of achievement after overcoming difficulties, Cao Zeming has been cheering for everyone, the new historical moment is coming, Jingbo Muji people must continue to forge ahead, with a more combative spirit to meet new changes.

Anti-epidemic poetry

- Liu Guibing

The flowers bloom early, and the south wind is late,

Baifang loses color, willow how green branches;

The rain falls and the heart is cold, and the clothes are less for a while,

Urging the horse to face the epidemic battle, pride and relaxation;

Brothers are together, all hardships are child's play,

Put wine laughter in the spring breeze, and compose new poems in the Ming Dynasty.

With an optimistic spirit, the people of Jingbo Muji fight the epidemic, use the positive craftsman trip, and experience the fun of strict seams in action, the craftsman spirit is not a slogan, it exists in everyone's heart.

Seiko to perfection, innovation and far-reaching, practical work to be the first.

During the entire epidemic, more than 30 family members ate and lived on the front line and produced in the workshop, overcoming difficulties, improving product quality, tackling technical difficulties during the day, training troops at night, not afraid of challenges in difficulties, constantly integrating all sections of the team into one, and composing a touching anti-epidemic battle song with actions. Let's pay tribute to these most beautiful "retrogrades"! Because of you, production does not stop; Because of you, ingenuity is more beautiful!