The Third General Meeting and the Third Council of the China National Wood Protection Industry Association (CNWPIA) were successfully held in Beijing.

On September 9, the third member congress of China Timber Protection Industry Association and the first council of the third session were successfully held in Beijing, in the election link, first of all, Tao Yiming, president of the second council of the association, made the "China Wood Protection Industry Association Second Council Work Report", President Tao pointed out that in the past five years, under the leadership and support of various party and government departments, under the joint efforts of the vice presidents, executive directors, directors, expert teams and the majority of member units, the wood protection industry has continued to develop and the industrial structure has accelerated optimization. The scale of the industry continues to expand, the technical level continues to improve, the standards and specifications are more perfect, the product quality is steadily improved, and the industry team continues to grow. The association's internal cohesion and service capabilities have also been further enhanced, and its external influence and credibility have been further enhanced.

Subsequently, Fang Wuxin, vice president of the second council of the association, made the "Financial Report of the Second Council of China Timber Protection Industry Association", and Yu Yiqiu, the founding president of the association, read the "Notice on the Proposed Candidates for the Third Responsible Person of China Timber Protection Industry Association" by the Working Bureau of the Central and State Organs Industry Association Industry Association, and Liu Nengwen, the leader of the working group of the new term, introduced the preparations for the change of office.

The meeting elected the third council, standing council and first supervisory board of China Timber Protection Industry Association by secret ballot, Liu Nengwen was elected chairman of the third council, Ma Zuorui, Wang Xiangjun, Niu Jiantao, Zuo Qingzhi, Shi Yanfang, Tian Maohua, Feng Ye, Zhu Shuanglong, Li Li, Wu Xingtian, Wu Jianzhong, He Pincai, He Hu, Zhang Zhendong, Zhang Guangyou, Zhang Yudong, Chen Zhan, Xu Jiang, Huang Sufang, Xie Yanjun, Zhan Xianxu21 comrades were elected vice presidents, Li Chongyu was elected secretary general, Fang Wuxin was elected chairman of the board of supervisors, and Dou Ling was elected vice chairman of the board of supervisors; Academician Li Jian was appointed as honorary president, five comrades, Wu Yiqiang, Dang Wenjie, Lin Hai, Wu Haiming, and Li Huiming, were appointed as honorary vice presidents, four comrades, Luo Jinfang, Chen Qingtong, Qi Shilong, and Huang Jianfei, Jin Chongwei were appointed as honorary directors of the expert committee, Wu Yiqiang was appointed as chairman of the expert committee, Wang Qingwen, Xie Yanjun, Yu Wenji, Yu Zhiming, Jin Chunde, and Wang Ximing were appointed as deputy directors, and 5 comrades including Cao Jinzhen were appointed as expert members.

Due to the epidemic and work reasons, Academician Li Jian, former president of Northeast Forestry University and honorary president of China Wood Protection Industry Association, and Qin Zhanxue, president of China Building Materials Circulation Association, could not attend the scene, but they sent a congratulatory video, "Over the past ten years, China Wood Protection Industry Association has adhered to the concept of wood resource conservation, efficiency, value-added and recycling, and has played an active role in protecting the country's precious forest resources." It is believed that under the leadership of the new President Liu Nengwen, colleagues in the wood protection industry will be more united and cooperative, self-reliant, pioneering and innovative, and achieve more fruitful results. ”

Finally, President Liu Nengwen delivered an inaugural speech on behalf of the third council, first of all, he thanked President Tao Yiming and the second council for their efforts to promote the development of China Wood Protection Industry Association, and proposed that the third council will focus on the new development pattern of domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international dual circulation promoting each other, with the strong support and participation of member units, directors, executive directors, vice presidents and expert members, give full play to the collective wisdom and strength of the council, unite as one, and strive for greater achievements.