People who know windows and doors are looking at the hardware, you actually do not know?

People often think that windows can cover the wind and rain, open and close, with the most basic functions on it, thus ignoring the importance of hardware, hardware accessories have always been known as the "heart" of doors and windows, the human heart bears the function of transmitting power and transmitting blood throughout the human body, and the same door and window hardware is also to undertake the power output and smooth connection of a whole window.

Hardware accessories are generally divided into two categories:

According to product classification, it can be divided into door locks, handle for transmission mechanism, spinning handle, brace, hinge, hinge, transmission locker, sliding brace, brace, latch, multi-point locker, pulley, anti-hot chain, single point locker, induction opening and closing door device, etc. According to the classification of use, it can be divided into sliding door and window hardware, casement window hardware, inner casement lower hanging window hardware accessories, etc.

1. The quality of door and window hardware directly affects the life of the entire window

Generally speaking, the service life of anti-corrosion and anti-rust hardware is 10 years, which can meet the use of normal building doors and windows. Good hardware should look thick, and the surface gloss should be good, the protective layer is dense, there is no scratch phenomenon, and the most important point is that the opening should be flexible.

2, door and window hardware will affect the physical properties of doors and windows

The durability of the physical properties of doors and windows and the structure and performance of door and window hardware have a direct relationship. Don't look at the hardware components are small, but a small body, but in the windows and doors of the watertightness, airtightness, heat preservation, acoustic insulation, internal deformation, opening and closing, repeated opening and closing, vertical load, safety, durability and other performance plays a relevant and important role. The hardware system can realize the three-dimensional adjustment of the window sash relative to the window frame, which maximally ensures that the various performances of doors and windows are in the best state.

Jingbo Muji solid wood doors and windows hardware selection of European imported hardware accessories, exquisite craftsmanship, flexible transmission system, precision locking points and locks, fully guarantee the excellent performance of doors and windows. Handle full metal texture, in improving the whole window airtight, watertight, heat preservation and insulation properties at the same time, in line with the human hand comfort.

3, door and window hardware will affect the functionality of doors and windows

Doors and windows have a variety of types and structural forms, and the various functions of the window type all depend on the configuration of the hardware. Casement windows have both casement and inverted function, sliding folding doors and windows both sliding and folding function, inverted sliding, movable shutters, etc., are relying on the role of hardware to achieve its unique specific function. It can be said that hardware plays a decisive role in the function of doors and windows.

Jingbo wood-based solid wood doors and windows can realize a variety of opening methods, such as internal casement, single inverted and internal opening inverted. The load capacity of a single fan can reach 120kg, which can meet the requirements of large opening fan, and the flexible opening test window reaches tens of thousands of times, which brings long-lasting service life.

The safety of doors and windows depends on the hardware

Doors and windows of anti-theft, security has always been more concerned about the issue of consumers, the advantages and disadvantages of these two properties mainly depends on the locks, hinges and other hardware accessories. In addition, the security of anti-pry structure design, can be effectively "intentional" outside the door and window to prevent burglary.

The hardware selected by Kyobo Woodbase not only provides efficient performance, safety and a high degree of comfort, but also meets the design requirements to blend perfectly with the wood and improve the service life of the energy-saving and flame-retardant wood windows, which truly meets the needs of consumers.