Chinese antique energy-saving doors and windows standard passed the national expert group review

From the establishment of the project in 2019 to the present,

The "Chinese Antique Energy Saving Door and Window Standard" edited by Jingbo Muji

After several rounds of discussion and revision by authoritative experts from a number of national institutions,

It was honored to pass the review on August 2021, 8.

On August 2021, 8, the review meeting of "Chinese Antique Energy-saving Doors and Windows (Draft for Review)" was held in Beijing. The meeting was attended by representatives of the editor-in-chief, review experts and all members of the preparation team. The meeting formed a review expert group headed by Han Aixing and Liu Da as the deputy leader. The review expert group listened carefully to the introduction of the preparation team on the process and content of the standard, discussed the content of the standard article by article, and formed the review opinion.

The compilation team of "Chinese Antique Energy-saving Doors and Windows" has formed this standard through extensive research and drawing on relevant domestic standards and engineering practice experience. The preparation of this standard has guiding significance for the production, inspection, operation and storage of Chinese-style antique energy-saving doors and windows, and provides a technical basis for the application and promotion of Chinese-style antique energy-saving doors and windows. The preparation of this standard meets the requirements of GB/T 1.1-2020 standard, and the materials submitted for review are complete.

Scope of application of "Chinese Antique Energy Saving Doors and Windows Standard":

1. The new wood, aluminum, aluminum wood composite door and window project in the form of ancient architectural style adopted in modern architecture.

2. Wood, aluminum, aluminum wood composite doors and windows engineering of antique buildings.

Jingbo Muji Chinese antique solid wood doors and windows, It is not easy to crack, not easy to deform, fireproof, moth-proof, Corrosion-resistant and has a natural wood grainPolaris Chestnut Profiles After a full set of German imported production equipment precision processing, it is a perfect integration of ancient architecture and modern culture; The ingenuity of the full mortise and tenon craftsmanship; Let the energy saving and consumption reduction be the ultimate; Providing window and door solutions for ancient buildings and high-end Chinese villas.

The technical content of "Chinese Antique Energy-saving Doors and Windows" is scientific and reasonable, highly operable, and coordinated with the current relevant standards. It standardizes the production, packaging, transportation and storage of Chinese antique energy-saving doors and windows in China, innovatively promotes the integration of modern doors and windows technology with antique buildings and ancient buildings, and the standard fills the gap in the industry and reaches the domestic leading level.
and representatives of the companies participating in the editor-in-chief:

Shandong Bomuji Materials Co., Ltd

Shanghai Miyake Doors and Windows Co., Ltd

China Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd. Decai Decoration Co., Ltd

Shanghai Senli Building Decoration Co., Ltd

Henan Koraoen Doors and Windows Co., Ltd

Beijing Milan Window Energy Saving Building Materials Co., Ltd

Shandong Yi'an Aluminum Co., Ltd

Shanghai Dezhong's Doors and Windows Co., Ltd

Weifang Giant Door and Window Technology Co., Ltd