Jingbo speed: the year of construction, the year of production, the year effect!

Located in Shandong Binzhou High-tech Zone, Shandong Tianfeng Tai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has an annual 8,10 cubic meters of high-performance biomass recombinant materials and deep processing value chain, with a total investment of 08.7 billion yuan, the first phase of the project, which has been put into trial operation in mid-July this year, realizing the start of construction in the same year, the production in the same year, and the results in the same year, and the acceleration of the project landing with all its might.

Tianfeng Tai company mainly produces Jitai chestnut wood, the emergence of this high-performance biological material, not only solves the problem of wood defects, but also solves the problem of lack of wood resources more effectively. The market potential is huge, and it has truly realized a green and circular development economy.

At present, the company has mastered the key process of industrial production of biomass recombinant materials, and the whole project will achieve annual sales revenue of 47.25 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 2500.<> billion yuan after being put into operation, and will effectively solve the employment problem of nearly <>,<> people.

In the future, Tianfeng Tai will make better use of the N1N school-enterprise integration strategic platform of Jingbo Group, continue to iteratively upgrade the company's technology, and continue to build nests and attract phoenixes, and settle new technologies in Binzhou High-tech Zone.