Welcome to the league youthfulness, talk about the United Nations Unity and dream - Basketball Friendship Match passionate start

Brotherhood outside the three-point line is deep, and the free arc is in full swing. On July 7, Jingbo Muji and Chambo Environmental Protection Materials held a friendly basketball match at Yuecheng Plaza. The blazing heat of July, the opening of August, a "-for-tat" competition on the field, a higher and stronger "win-win cooperation".

Run with grace and morale, the perfect free fall of basketball on the court mixed with the cheers of the players, the spirited "teenager" against the evening halo. 3 points, 2 points and whistle; Handshakes, high-fives and slogans. Temporarily put aside the endless PPT, temporarily put aside the mentality of "opening up the territory and expanding the territory", relax in sports, and combine work and rest in the league.

The Jingbo Muji team and the Jingbo environmental protection materials team were as heroic and vigorous as 18 years old in the sports arena, and they regained their fledgling fearlessness and motivation amid the shouts. The Jingbo Muji team holds a fighting spirit and pure skills, and the Jingbo environmental protection materials team carries the calmness of hundreds of battles and the vigilance of caution. Taking off their suits, they are like a group of young teenagers, step by step, each picture is fixed with the vitality of life, they are opponents on the field and teammates in work and life, growing up with each other in sympathy.

Have a hearty ball game with like-minded partners, let the passion go and cheer for life. Race out of friendship, race out of style, walk together with the same heart, inclusive and win-win sharing.