Youthful Excitement, Creating Brilliance" Jingbo Muji carries out expansion activities for frontline staff.

A piece of iron, which can rust and dissipate, or it can be smelted into steel; A team can do nothing or achieve great things. In order to build team cohesion and improve teamwork, Jingbo Muji organized front-line employees to conduct a one-day outdoor development training.

The theme of this training is "Youth Excitement, Create Brilliance Together", and three projects that need to be completed by all team members are designed together: team ice breaking, trust back fall, and inception, etc., aiming to cultivate mutual trust and collaboration ability of employees. The team members gave full play to the spirit of teamwork, opened up ideas, summed up experience, brainstormed, and successfully completed the project content of the extended training.

By participating in outreach activities, employees realize that there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team! Team effectiveness depends on the level of dedication of each member. When everyone in the team works hard in one direction, the development of the team will be faster and better!