Here are all the Chinese window and door styles you didn't know about

Chinese carving was vividly applied by the ancients in ancient times, and China is also a country that advocates wooden carving, with a wide variety of wood carvings and genres. Antique doors and windows are well-known at home and abroad for their long history, rich categories, vivid charm, exquisite carving, exquisite craftsmanship and extensive expression content. Antique doors and windows are the treasures of the Chinese nation and a dazzling pearl in Eastern civilization. Antique doors and windows contain the wisdom of the Chinese people, integrate the unique temperament and cultural literacy of the Chinese nation, and antique doors and windows are also unique in the history of world folk carving.

Doors and windows are very important in home decoration, not only because of the need to shelter from the wind and rain, but also because of a demand in people's hearts. With the evolution of human civilization, iron, aluminum alloy, and other metal antique doors and windows have gradually replaced traditional wooden doors and windows, but people always have a reminiscence of the past years, a yearning for tradition, and a nostalgia for antiquity. Although they still live in reinforced concrete high-rise buildings, antique decorations such as Chinese-style doors and windows are increasingly sought after.

What are the common Chinese door and window styles?

1. Mullioned window

A mullioned window is a type of window. For windows with mullions (wooden strips with square sections) arranged vertically like fences in the window frame, if a broken mullioned strip with a triangular section is used, it is also called a broken mullion. The window cannot be opened. Mullioned windows are found in Han tombs and pottery houses, as well as in stone buildings and stone carvings from the Northern Dynasty, as well as brick and wood buildings and murals from the Tang, Song and Liao, and Jin. In the Ming Dynasty, it was replaced by sills and windows, and only the people still existed.

2. Lattice window

Lattice windows are a type of window with Chinese style. Chinese lattice windows, not only look very beautiful, but also Chinese lattice windows have a very strong stability, but also have a deep cultural heritage. The lattice window is poetic and artistic, as if it carries all the beauty of the world, and it is a kind of beauty as far as the eye can see. Ancient Chinese craftsmen turned simple and dull windows into vivid and romantic. Looking through the window is the paradise of the world, standing by the window is the years and life. Everyone lives in their own window, recording the twists and turns of the years, interpreting the joys and sorrows of life.

3、Empty window

Empty window only a window hole without a window pane, empty window settings can make several spaces interspersed with each other penetration, the internal and external scenery into one, but also increase the depth of the scene, expanding the space, to obtain a deep and beautiful mood.

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