A Workshop Worker's Confessions - Springtime

Spring returns to the earth, all things recover, after a drizzle, the seedlings are green, the peach branches are red, the river sings, and the front slope and the back of the slope are also hazyly covered with a layer of green veil. Magpies dance on branches, insects drink and laugh, everywhere is full of spring, Ning Shen closes his eyes and tastes it, but he does not feel that there is poetry everywhere.

In this season when the grass grows and the warblers fly, our Jingbo Muji Material Co., Ltd. is pleased to sign a big order - Rizhao Juguo ancient city antique doors and windows project! The project has a tight construction period and heavy tasks, and the first phase of more than 5000,<> square meters will be delivered in January. Although the solid wood doors and windows have also done a lot in recent years, but such a large antique door and window order is the first time, and the door and window structure is complex, the process is diverse, and more importantly, the construction period is particularly tight, from the signing of the order to the completion of the installation is less than two months, which is undoubtedly a big challenge for us, this burden is firmly on the shoulders of our product workshop.

Pressure is motivation, task is order, no challenge, where is the wonder! Supervisors at all levels calmly and calmly face the existing difficulties, strategize, complete the sword, and plan the work process in detail; The production workshop and technical department are twisted into a rope, from the pre-booking of engineering drawings to the review of layers of checks, from personnel allocation, equipment matching to the maximization of raw material utilization and energy-saving potential of surplus materials. With a shout, the bow was full of arrows, the trumpet of the charge sounded loudly, and the spring thunder opened the gate of spring, and the curtain of the battle was opened.

Look again! The brothers and sisters on the front line, one by one, whipped the horses and rode the wind and waves. With years of experience, the teachers have overcome various technical problems in the process, and constantly innovated and improved, so that the production line flow is more and more unimpeded; The new recruits are not to be outdone, which one is full of spirit, rubbing hands, playing with those advanced CNC machine tools between the palms; The sisters on the assembly line are even more unyielding, and with solid basic skills, they skillfully assemble a variety of exquisite window lattices. Forget to eat and sleep, catch up with the moon, and the output is repeatedly high under the premise of ensuring quality. Sanders and painters work around the clock, overtime. The forklift is also full of joy in the workshop, and the materials are in place in time. The whole workshop work is interconnected and orderly, and the work scene is hot, this is really "the machine sings the hammer and the axe laughs, the morale is high and the horse neighs"....

The gentle spring breeze will surely usher in the spring flowers, and we will surely become the most beautiful people in this spring!