China Building Energy Efficiency Association Building Energy Efficiency Technology Promotion Working Committee went to Jingbo Holding Group for investigation

From April 4th to 10th, Han Aixing, former deputy director of the Department of Energy Conservation Science and Technology of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ren Qiyong, director of the Building Energy Conservation Technology Promotion Committee of China Building Energy Conservation Association, Xie Weiyun, director of the Comprehensive Work Department, and Tian Wenfei, director of the Member Work Department, and four people visited Shandongbo Holding Group. Zhang Xiaoming, chairman of Jingbo Le Resettlement Industry Co., Ltd., Cui Dongbo, chairman and general manager of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials, Feng Ye, director and general manager of Jingbo Muji, Du Tong, director and deputy general manager of Bohua Ecological Agriculture, and heads of relevant departments accompanied the visit.

The research team visited the enterprise hall, museum, Jingbo Feiwangfu, Jingbo Muji, Jingbo environmental protection materials, Bohua ecological agriculture and other scenes, and had a deeper understanding of the group's corporate culture and building energy saving. Deputy Director Han Aixing highly affirmed and agreed with the development and management concept of Jingbo, and expressed his admiration for the wisdom 5.0 mansion of the Jingbo Le Resettlement Industry Feiwangfu Project, which made the house truly return to the attribute of "living", and created the highest-end quality life in Boxing County and even Binzhou City.

After the visit, the two sides held a discussion at the Jingbo Research Institute. Zhang Xiaoming, chairman of Jingbo Le Resettlement Industry Co., Ltd., Cui Dongbo, chairman and general manager of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials, Feng Ye, director and general manager of Jingbo Muji and relevant leaders attended the symposium. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Xiaoming, chairman of Jingbo Le Resettlement Industry Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang shared from the aspects of group development, Chambo culture, and strategic planning of Jingbo Le Resettlement Industry. It is hoped that the two sides can reach strategic cooperation and new project integration as soon as possible, establish demonstration projects in Boxing, strive to build Jingbo characteristic projects, and create a safe, ecological, healthy and harmonious living environment for people who pursue high-end quality of life. Mr. Feng said that the company will be committed to the research and development and production of high-end products, and hopes to create benchmark projects through the committee. Mr. Cui proposed to maximize solid waste and buildings, improve the upgrading and transformation of environmentally friendly materials, and make due contributions to carbon neutrality and carbon peaking to promote the development of the company's new projects.

Deputy Director Han Aixing spoke highly of the strength and scale of Chambo Holding Group at the symposium, and pointed out at the meeting that the company should enter a period of transformation and realize industrialization and systematization. In terms of new and old buildings, it is necessary to combine with the green policy, add artistic design, improve the artistry and color of architectural design, improve the new concept of green building and green development, and reflect the characteristics of green building perception. The use of real estate as a carrier to achieve high performance, high quality, high positioning, strive to reach international standards and international standards, and ensure quality on the basis of cost. Accelerate the integration and innovation of technology, promote the transformation of information, intelligence and integrated technology, and expressed the hope that the company will establish cooperation as soon as possible, reach long-term strategic cooperative relations, and explore more business opportunities.

Director Ren Qiyong gave a key explanation of the functions and nature of the committee at the symposium. He pointed out that the committee carries the screening and promotion of six new technologies of "new technology, new process, new product, new material, new energy and new equipment" in the country. It is hoped that Chambo Holding Group will establish strategic cooperation with the committee as soon as possible, and make use of the four advantages of the high-end publicity center, high-end exhibition center, high-end business exchange and negotiation center, and high-end national operation center in the exhibition hall of the committee to promote the comprehensive development of Chambo Holding Group, and create a high-end development platform, exchange platform and high-end platform for Boxing County to attract double tricks and introductions. Achieve precise docking, key support, and key services.

Subsequently, it was announced that Jingbo Muji became the vice chairman unit of the China Building Energy Saving Technology Promotion Committee and issued a certificate. Treat each other with sincerity, intersect with heart, and connect accurately. Taking this survey as a breakthrough, form a publicity window for promotion, display and exchange of Jingbo, and lay a long-term, continuous and effective strategic cooperative relationship.