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Staff Presence

Staff Presence

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Staff Presence:

Worship ancestors Style and the only team to do more to be done first

Chambroad Wood Base Materials

June 3, the Beijing wood-based general manager Li Bo, deputy general manager Zhang Jiguang, vice president of business school Jie Song Jingbo lead all staff of the company came to the hometown of Confucius in Qufu, Confucius worship sage and teacher, and held a practice Jingbo Familiy swearing-in ceremony, Jingbo business school, family brand management department also took part in the activities.

In Confucian, Confucius Temple and Cemetery, we were attracted to the charm of Confucian culture, during the tour, family members laments, immersive experience is not the same, toured both to increase the understanding of traditional cultural knowledge, and Confucian Wisdom and Faith of a deeper cultural understanding. General Manager Li said, this time we came to Qufu, not simply a tourist and visit, but remember our family tradition here, in front of sage and teacher, purify our hearts, will Jingbo family tradition for planting into our hearts, let it be our Jingbo staff acted wood-based materials standards, in the future, whether we are in Beijing, Bo, or go outside, to Tianjin, Shenyang, anywhere learning, should the Rensiao culture and Jingbo family tradition as our faith.

Deputy General Manager Zhang Jiguang sharing with you in that for each individual company for wood-based materials, including me, are doing "the industry rather than the industry thing," before we are steel processing, now we Processing Wood, two structures, different attributes, the most urgent is that each of us put aside his own, learning through a variety of ways, we also know that after the company formation, Lee also has arranged a number of training courses, the purpose is to let each bit family mastery of knowledge and characteristics of wood as quickly as possible, for everyone to seize the opportunity to realize their growth. Zhang said that practicing family tradition requires management to lead by example, as a manager for the first 67 to do is fair and play, so that subordinates feel a sense of justice is doing important work to dare to be responsible, accountable and responsive As an employee of a wood-based, and we need most is studious and innovation, the use of the shortest possible time to enrich our skills, give yourself a chance to grow.

Chambroad Wood Base Materials

Jingbo, vice president business school, said Song Jie, today we take a sage and teacher perception of cultural wisdom of Confucius, the most important is that we are Jingbo culture and Chinese orthodox culture of the same strain, in practice the family tradition held here under oath, is clear We each take practical action Jingbo person living our heritage and culture. So far, we can feel the charm of Confucian culture up close, Jingbo wood-based materials, it is the company's first home here under oath, so we need a play of mind, the family tradition into the Jingbo to our specific work, to set an example for every person Jingbo. In Beijing Bo, who is the core element of the development of wood-based foundation Jingbo is here every family, every family also hopes wood-based materials to keep up with the pace of development of the company, seize the opportunity to learn, as we development of wood-based materials and lay a solid team foundation.

Members of the family also have to talk about their feelings in the face of new industry, we want to pressure into power, the same as today's oath, take our first wood-based companies either do or do unique; there are family also share, and today we are in front of their own draw a starting line, from now on, we are ready to meet the future work on the runway, we have to run out of style Jingbo wood-based materials to all family members to The first results show the wood-based human spirit.

General Manager Li stressed that the chairman had taught us that the success of talent ready to be successful, do not do any preparation a person who is preparing to fail. Each person should take a wooden base our Sword Spirit as a guide, always take a good mentality to win their every step, the 54 word family tradition, bearing in mind the hearts of line work, always had a kind of "trepidation treading on thin ice "mentality to deal with their work and life.

Wood-based materials to carry out on foot fitness activities

Chambroad Wood Base Materials

November 30, 2014 afternoon, the wood-based materials company under the leadership of Lee, general manager, fitness activities carried out on foot, about 15 km journey, wood-based materials, more than 40 employees involved. Through activities, broaden their horizons, to understand the company's development, melting team cohesion and physical health.

Activities start from wood-based materials, via Institute, thermoelectric, petrochemical Eastern, apartments for the elderly and kindergarten. When passing apartments for the elderly, kindergartens, family members were to visit. Old apartment managers and Lee have been made to explain at home.

Lee always said that the main purpose of this activity is to hope that through activities to create a fitness atmosphere where wood-based family, the family that physical fitness can be improved. Visit apartments for the elderly and the nursery is to let everyone, especially the field staff for the staff to see Jingbo create peace of mind and comfortable living environment is how to do is how to practice this mind to staff management ideas, how to fulfill industry serve the country and serve the community of corporate responsibility. So that we can see the company's development, the company felt Rensiao culture.

An employee from the Shanxi Province, said: "In the past only heard of the kindergarten and apartments for the elderly, now I see, see the facilities, serviced apartments for the elderly, to see the provincial standard demonstration garden kindergarten, feeling a lot to me. also relieved, I took the family to take over next year, Jingbo, I come to the right! "

Through the hiking, the staff have been on the mind and body to enhance physical fitness in order to better work. By visiting the company's more of a understanding, family people with greater enthusiasm into the work, and create more value, to promote the development of wood-based and contribute to a force to Jingbo development!


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