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Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and Benefits

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Compensation and Benefits:

To implement different gang colleagues unequal pay, unequal pay different people with post, with the post float colleagues dynamic compensation management mechanism, to build an open, fair, equitable, transparent and competitive compensation system. The company has been employee income growth into the corporate strategic goals and achieve continuous five-year average revenue growth of 12% of employees.

Salary structure:

All kinds of job skills wage subsidy + + + annual benefit performance pay monthly wages combined, in addition to business, R & D personnel, flexible, diverse incentives.

Features Salary:

The company culture is also reflected in pay and benefits, truly cultural ground, especially in the company's core culture - culture of filial piety.

Elderly gold: Employee parents over 70 years of age, each of 100 yuan to enjoy the company of elderly monthly payments.

Hyo Salary: 200-500 yuan xiao monthly payment of wages for employees of the parents.


Collective apartment: The company will provide free air-conditioned dormitories, bathrooms, built in the trick, cafeteria, infirmary, and youth apartments, free stay and so, good logistics services.

Living allowance: job salary, various types of subsidies, housing subsidies, the full car allowance, performance pay, year-end awards combined. In addition, business people, researchers and other flexible, diverse incentives.

Insurance policy: The company pays pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance, housing funds for employees in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State;

Car allowance: The company encourages middle and higher professional and technical personnel, management personnel to purchase a vehicle, and give full staging car allowance;

Job subsidies: In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all kinds of professionals, the initiative, the company set up a management, technology, mechanics (operations), business and education five career path, according to the hierarchy execute 110-5500 yuan / month range of duties subsidies;

Leave Management: Employees are entitled to paid annual leave, marriage leave, family leave and other public holidays, including home leave travel expenses reimbursed;

Welfare: the company every major holiday for employees paid generous welfare items, and organize a variety of sports and entertainment events;

Entertainment: The company has a high standard basketball and tennis courts, table tennis room and other learning facilities, more places are open free of charge to employees. The company has Beijing Boya Court lounge, provides golf, tea and other recreational clubs to employees.


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