• Shandong Jingbo Wood-based Materials Co., Ltd. was established

  • Providing customers with the first complementary solution

  • Built a production line with an annual output of 150,000 square meters of windows and doors.

  • In conjunction with Tongji University in Shanghai, 1 kindergarten with wooden structure was built.

  • Passed the environmental and quality certification system certification at one time

  • Development of a variety of new energy-saving solid wood windows

  • Completion of 8000 square meters of energy-saving solid wood window single-unit order production

  • Product quality on the basis of the original once again to achieve a comprehensive upgrade

  • New products successfully passed the system certification re-inspection

  • Products through the European Union CE certification, to obtain the qualification of exporting to Europe

  • Developing multi-category, multi-grade, multi-motor window, door and panel products.

  • Passed AAAA grade standardization good conduct enterprise

  • The only pure solid wood window certified by the PHI

  • Established Shandong Tianfengtai New Material Technology Co.

  • Established Beijing Jinglan Sunac Culture Co., Ltd

  • Successful completion of the Jugu Ancient City project

  • Applied for more than 20 patents

  • Establishment of Shanghai Global Wood New Material R&D Center

  • Establishment of Shanghai's globally advanced outdoor woodworking exhibition center

  • Successfully passed the carbon footprint product certification, green building materials three-star product certification, and the certification of Kangju products.

  • Ultra-low-energy windows and doors, outdoor solid wood flooring two major product directions; open a new chapter!